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Systems & Marketing Solutions specializes in driving targeted web traffic to your web site. Here are the people that make that possible.

Bob Dumouchel - CEO

Bob Dumouchel brings over 29 years of experience as an executive and entrepreneur to SMS. He founded and served as the CEO for 5 start-ups businesses including one that was selected to the INC 500 as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the US in 1993 and 1994. Bob's businesses include two in software development, educational training products; Internet based art dealer, and now Internet Marketing. In all these businesses Bob was the driving force behind the business development. Over the course of his career Bob has sold over $100 million in products as diverse as food, computer systems, training, software, and HR services.

Bob has worked in search engine optimization since 1994 and in Google Adwords since 2003. Bob was the developer of NetListening a software package that maps free format text into a structured relational database. SMS utilizes NetListening technology to model client competitors allowing us to view their sales message like a search engine does. Bob is a recognized expert in Internet marketing with recent speaking engagements at the Mid-State Symposium, SLOCAMA Experts Panel, and the Santa Maria Manufacturer's Association. Bob has been nationally published as an Internet Marketing expert and developed a DVD Course on Internet Marketing.

Bob is active in the local community serving as Past President of Softec the Central Coast Technology Trade Association, Past Board Member of SLO CAMA (Creative & Marketing Alliance), member of the Curriculum Committee Member for Web Development Technologies at Cuesta College, Past Board Member of SLO Society of Technical Communicators, and Mentor to the Arroyo Grande High School Eagle Robotics Team.

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Diego Leon - Plumbing AdWords Analyst

Diego joined SMS in April 2011 and is AdWords Analyst with a focus on the Plumbing Industry. He is responsible for overall management of our Plumbing Accounts including account design, response tracking, keyword research, ad copy testing, and other industry research. Prior to joining SMS Diego was a student at Cal Poly in the Mechanical Engineering program and worked as a Floor Manager in the restaurant industry. Diego's strong background in math is a very direct skill necessary for the analytic work involved in Ad Testing.

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Diego Leon's Google Adwords Certifications

Krislyn Bio - Plumbing Industry Outreach Specialist

Krislyn is responsible for our marketing activities, social media, and other communications to Plumbers. She provides input to the AdWords Experts on staff for issues that are meaningful to Plumbers to help drive our content publishing strategy for the Plumbing Industry. Krislyn has developed a broad social network of Plumbers across the country using both LinkedIn and Twitter to regularly communicate with them. View Krislyn's profile on LinkedIn or contact Krislyn directly at

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SMS in the Community

SMS is active in the community and the industry. Check out some of the organizations we belong to and support!

  • Past President of Softec, The Central Coast Software and Technology Association.

  • Past President Toastmasters Central Coast Communicators #7157

  • Past Board Member of SLO STC, the San Luis Obispo Society for Technical Communicators

  • Past Mentor/Team Member of Eagle Robotics, the Arroyo Grande High School Robotics Team.

  • Program Director for the Central Coast CEO Roundtable Program.

  • Member of the San Luis Obispo & Santa Maria Chamber of Commerce


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