Click-through Rate Isn’t the Most Important Metric

As the old saying goes, “be careful for what you wish for; you may receive it”. This holds very true in today’s world, especially when it involves the Click-through Rate of your AdWords account. In a recent article, we discussed the new Added By AdWords testing going on. It is Google’s assertion that these ads would help improve performance by 5%-15%. While they did not […]

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New Book Release – AdWords For Plumbers

SMS announced that they have released a new AdWords Book for Plumbers. The book is available on Amazon. Fix Your AdWords Leak: A Plumbers Guide to Google AdWords and Search Engine Optimization – the Kindle Edition   Link to the Amazon page for AdWords For Plumbers

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Market On All Platforms

by Bill Millikin of Creative Mills We see them on TV. We hear them on radio. Those really well produced, entertaining, pricey commercials hawking the services or wares of some huge conglomerate. The question is: Is broadcasting advertising (radio/tv) dead for the little guy? Not according to our happy clients. From Plumbers and HVAC to Restaurants to Auto Repair, small businesses have come to realize […]

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Plumbers: Be Thy Self – and Only Thy Self

It seems so easy to enhance your image online by typing out a few glowing reviews – or asking friends or staff to do so. The cost is far greater than the benefit. And, there are far safer, economical ways to accomplish the objective. Being “thy self” is not psychobabble about being true to your spirit. A few plumbers have destroyed their online reputations by […]

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Plumbers: Claim Your Stake for Free

Your business is being graded online whether you get involved or not. Getting involved costs nothing – unless you don’t. Leaving Money on the Table Except for getting customers or informing existing customers, plumbers have little to do with the Internet. But, wait! Without getting new customers and communicating efficiently with old ones, what else is there? Well, there is turning the wrench, but for […]

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SMS Adds WordPress Design & Maintenance Services

Systems & Marketing Solutions announced the addition of WordPress Website Design Services under the SMS Design Lab brand. Dana Simonsen who recently joined SMS as a full-time web designer specializing in WordPress will be the lead Designer. She graduated from UC Irvine in 2009 and recently completed a Certificate Program at Cuesta College in Web Design Technologies. Dana will work closely with the AdWords and […]

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Focus On the Fundamentals for Marketing your Plumbing Business

As I talk with Plumbers & Plumbing contractors across the United States I have come to realize that a vast majority of you tend to skip strait past the fundamentals of your marketing strategy and want to go strait to tactics (SEO, Pay-per-click adverting, YellowPages, Direct mail, etc). So what do I mean when I say “Fundamentals”? Well, all marketing has 3 core components:     […]

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Plumber AdWords Secrets – Negative Keywords

Everyone knows what keywords they want but they rarely consider the words they DO NOT want. Proper negative keyword management is often the key to unlocking the full potential of your AdWords Account. Most keyword models will attract some traffic that is not related to your business. Keywords often cross into other industries and niches or end up with a modified intent depending on how […]

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Google Places is Now Google Plus Local: What Changed?

This summer, 80 million Google Places pages worldwide were automatically converted into 80 million Google Plus Local pages. What changed? Overall, listings are more dynamic and visual, and local search got a lot more social. Results include reviews from Zagat, as well as ratings and comments from friends.  Notable changes include the integration and free availability of Zagat archives, and a “Circles” search filter to find […]

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Despite All My Variant Rage, I Am Still Just A Link on A Page

The Variant matching option is a vampire, set to drain the money from your budget and benefit Google and no one else. With all apologies to Billy Corgan and the Smashing Pumpkins, one of the keyword matching “improvements” introduced over the last few months has caused me to channel my 90s grunge based angry inner-child. Various matching options (Broad, Phrase & Exact) have always allowed […]

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