Market On All Platforms

by Bill Millikin of Creative Mills

We see them on TV. We hear them on radio. Those really well produced, entertaining, pricey commercials hawking the services or wares of some huge conglomerate. The question is: Is broadcasting advertising (radio/tv) dead for the little guy? Not according to our happy clients. From Plumbers and HVAC to Restaurants to Auto Repair, small businesses have come to realize the same cold, hard fact. Multi platform marketing that includes TV and radio is not only good for business – it’s mandatory. In this multi pronged marketing world, why would you ignore two of the most used and efficient ways of getting your message out?

Toilet FlushingSure social media marketing is cheap. But alas, you get what you pay for. For example, if you’re Smith Plumbing and you really want to plunge the depths of your local client base, why not spend a few smart bucks on your local NBC affiliate during the current 2 hour nightly ratings hit, America’s Got Talent? Hire an affordable, competitive production company to produce your 30 second spot (Creative Mills Productions), maybe a super catchy jingle (Creative Mills), with a national quality announcer (Creative Mills), and get yourself seen and heard by a loyal, captive, local audience. Few people record AGT, so you won’t have to worry about people fast forwarding past your spot. If you seek out “live viewing events” like this, and do the same on your most popular local Radio Stations during “drive time”, you’ll reach a boatload of new clients and you, Smith Plumbing, will be flush!